About us

Who’s behind Example Marketing and Web Design?

Example Marketing and Web Design is a marketing agency in Norfolk, owned and run by Emma and Gavin Raines.


I’ve worked in marketing for over 12 years, and in that time I’ve been lucky enough to work with some great brands including BBC, Disney, Virgin, Driving Standards Agency and Cambridge University Press to name a few. I’ve worked with some excellent colleagues who I’ve learnt a lot from, and (I hope) taught a thing or two! It’s this valuable experience that enables us to offer the broad range of marketing services available from Example.

Emma Raines


I used to be the Marketing Director for a local firm. I worked there for 13 years and in that time the business grew from a small, family-run firm to a large business with over 60 employees and my marketing skills grew with it! Those years of experience in the SME sector make me an expert in marketing to local businesses, particularly in East Anglia.

Gavin Raines


We launched Example to put the skills we’ve learnt to use by helping give local businesses a boost by supporting or improving their marketing efforts. We’re really passionate about what we do – it’s a great feeling to watch a business we’ve worked with seeing genuine results from our efforts. But don’t just take my word for it, read what some of our clients have to say about working with Example.

Whilst we do the majority of the work ourselves, we also work with a great team of people, including graphic designers, photographers and videographers who we bring in at different times to match their skills with the project we’re working on. This ensures a flexible approach and the very best results for you, but keeps our overheads low and our prices keen.

Why we think Example Marketing and Web Design works

Everything under one roof

It’s pretty lucky that we can cover so many skills between just two of us, it makes life really easy to our customers. Being a small team also means…

…Great customer service

Our clients know us, and we know them. They know that they can pick up the phone in a crisis and we’ll help

None of the fluffy stuff

Some marketing agencies charge an absolute fortune for work that, we think, is a bit of an unnecessary luxury. Refreshingly honest, no? We cut out a lot of that stuff without compromising on the quality of the final article.


Buy Local Norfolk

We’re proud to be a member of Buy Local Norfolk. We’ve contacts with lots of other local businesses, so if you need someone to help you out with something, we might just be able to put you in touch with the right person – feel free to ask us.